Locks and Keys

Mayor Locksmith services provides locks and key locksmith services for the Miami fl empire. Keys and locks come in all forms and shapes we have the equipment to duplicate almost every type of key.  OK don’t ask for a three point 1850 DuMaster key.

Locks and Keys

When it comes to the keys for your vehicle, even a seemingly simple problem can quickly escalate into a major issue. In our most unpopular or one of the most traumatic, yet common occurrences involve a situation in which someone has accidentally locked their keys inside their vehicle and desperately require a locksmith. Mayor locksmith quickly responds and dispatches a locksmith.

Unlock Car Service

When this happens, our primary goal starts with letting you know that Mayor locksmith is on the way reassuring the customer that everything will be okay and that they have contacted a great company. Then it becomes our commitment to follow up on our reassurances and fix the customer’s problem in the shortest time possible.

Damaged, Broken Keys or Keys Stuck?

Another common issue, that a car locksmith can face, has to do with damaged or broken keys. There are many different factors that can lead to a broken key. In many of these unexpected situations, a key may have broken off. This is why our licensed locksmiths have been extensively trained in order to deal with these emergencies. By using the most advanced locksmith tools and methods available, we can make short work of fixing your dilemma. Just give us a call and we’ll be on site, in the shortest amount of time possible.

Ignition Key Extraction or Trunk lockout?

Whether it’s an ignition key extraction or trunk lockout, we can remove the key or, in other cases, repair or replace the door/trunk lock or ignition. There may also be situations in which we need to re-cut the auto key for you. So whether it’s a lost car key or keys that are stuck or damaged, Mayor Locksmith is here to provide you with great service.

Mayor Locksmith Services offers locksmith keys and Locks services for your home or business.  When you choose a locksmith call Mayor Locksmith Services and you will not spend a fortune to open or re lock your home, office, car, or open a safe.